What To Wear


The dress code for Ball is formal; Ravishing dresses and suits/tuxedos are great for the SSAGO Ball. Dresses come in lots of different styles, but generally it is best to wear what you feel comfortable in. A standard suit is also great, but for this special occasion you may want to try a dinner suit (tuxedo) or a even bow tie. If you're not sure you can always check out below what people have worn to Ball before to get an idea. You don't need to bring your necker!


Complete the look with stylish but practical accessories! If you're not lucky enough to have pockets, bring a small smart bag for your payment cards, face mask etc.

Make sure you give yourself time to wear in new shoes. You may want to pack some spare thick plasters for blisters. Give leather shoes a polish before the event so you look extra smart. Check out this helpful polishing guide.

Accessorise your outfit with jewellery such as earrings, necklaces, watches and cufflinks.

Remember you might need a coat, scarf and warm hat etc to wear to and from the venue.

Fairytale accessories are also encouraged!

Ways to save

We know that Ball can get quite expensive. However if you do buy some nice clothes you can reuse them for future Balls, University events and your graduation. Nevertheless below we've provided some ways to help you keep the cost down.

1. Check out the Money Saving Expert website

Featuring helpful lists of discount codes for high street shopsstudent discounts and an article on renting clothes.

2. Visit a designer outlet

Outlet stores that are dotted around the country. Selling good quality clothes at discounted rates. Google where to find your nearest one.

3. Borrow from a friend or relative or SSAGO member

Sharing is caring. Perhaps some of their clothes are now too big/small but the perfect size for you! We've also set up a clothing swap so that you can borrow and lend items to other members.

4. Charity shops and other second hand places online

You'd be surprised at what hidden gems you can find. This is also more sustainable than buying new clothes. There is a whole plethora of second hand clothing communities online.

5. Ask around on the SSAGO Discord

We've set up a place for people to chat about what they're going to wear. If you have a great idea on how to be thrifty, this is the place to share it.

6. The classic Student Discount sites

Such as Unidays, StudentBeans, and Totum.

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If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.