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Event Hotline: 020 3885 0451

Who's who?

Georgina the Gold Fairy - Chair

Hi, I'm Georgina! I've been in SSAGO since I started at Keele University in 2017 and am now an associate member. I've been Indie for the past 2 years and was the Indie Rep for 20/21.

I'm excited to finally be running a national event and hope to provide a magical night for everyone in SSAGO!

You can contact me directly via or via Facebook or Discord.

Reuben the Red Fairy - Treasurer

Hello! I've been in SSAGO many years, and you may recognise me from my years as the National Publicity Officer. Before that I was a part of Keele SSAGO, where I was on the committee for a couple of years and enjoyed taking the club on international trips.

For Ball I'm the Treasurer, which means that I'll be in charge of the monies, so you better pay up!

If you need to email me personally you can at or find me on social media.

Larah the Lilac Fairy - Secretary


I have been in SSAGO for a number of years in a range of roles. I've been busy typing away to turn our ball vision into a reality. I'm really looking forward to welcoming you all at Keele Hall and hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend. 

You can contact me on Discord or

Maria the Magenta Fairy - Fairy Godmother

Hi! I'm Maria and I am a Keele SSAGO associate. I've been on their committee, run freshers camp and also take credit for being the mad person who decided we should run our first international. Now I'm excited to finally be helping to run a national event!

I'm the event's fairy godmother - here to grant as many wishes as possible and make your ball experience truly magical! Like any good fairy godmother, I'm very elusive so can only be contacted if needed via Facebook or

Simon and Francesca - Accommodation Elves

Hello, I'm Simon! I am currently the Chair for Derby University Guides and Scouts and have been in SSAGO since 2019. I hope you all have a wonderful time at Ball.

Hello, I'm Francesca! I'm part of Derby University Guides and Scouts, where I make the club look pretty on social media. This is my first year in SSAGO and I am thoroughly enjoying it, so much that I agreed to lend a hand at a National Event. I hope Ball will be magical and enjoyable for everyone!

We are excited to be helping out with Once Upon A Ball, where we hope to make sure all you lovely SSAGOers have somewhere to rest your head after a great night of eating, drinking and dancing!

If you have any questions about where to stay then you can email, or drop a message in the Discord accommodation channel. You can also contact both of us directly via Facebook. For those of you staying in the 5 star Scout Huts, we will be your contact over Ball weekend.


If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact