Monday - Thursday
Optional Pre-Rally Camping

When? What? Details?
Whenever. Pre-Rally Keen for rally? Why not book some more time to see more of Cambridge at your own pace? Find out more


When? What? Details?
Any! Arrive We'll be onsite all day; if you're arriving before 3pm let us know and we will come and pick you up especially and we'll be running shuttles after this until late, you'll see us in the car park.
7pm Dinner If you're going to be late, we'll save it.
10pm Campfire We will be leading the singing to start then there's opportunity to sing any favourites we missed.


When? What? Details?
12am  Campfire Watershed Sing whatever you like!
7:30am Breakfast Served until 8:45am
9am Opening Ceremony Welcome to Duck Rally!
9:15am Activities Start Leaving You will have more information on your information card.
10:30am abDUCKtion Morning activity for those not on full day excursions.
12:30pm Lunch + Gadaffy Plate Chance to relax and eat lunch, unless you're on the National Exec!
from 1pm Afternoon Activities You'll be told where and when your activity is meeting.
6pm Dinner Food.
8pm Cedilih Don't forget there's a bar!
10pm Return to Site Coach ride back.
11pm-onwards Surprise activities! The fun doesn't stop when we're back on site, there'll be more surprises in store.


When? What? Details?
8am Breakfast Served until 9:30am!
10am Reps Be represntative!
10am Fowl Play Teams go head to head in a variety of duck based games.
12pm Closing Ceremony Mascots, forfeits and closing remarks.
Any Depart It's all over, goodbye!

Optional Post-Rally Camping

When? What? Details?
Up to you! Post-Rally Don't want to leave? This is a great time to stay around and explore Newmarket. Find out more

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact