Getting There

By Train

Newmarket train station is very close to the site and we’ll be running a shuttle service from there. It's on the route between Cambidge and Ipswich station.

By Car

Travelling from the south your likely to use the A11 and from the north the A14, both ways will take you through the centre of Newmarket and out towards the train station and Dutchess Drive we'll be sure to make the site visible from there!

We’d encourage those driving to car share where possible, the ducks would appreciate it. If you’re travelling via minibus and wouldn’t mind it being used during the event let us know.

By Air

If you’re choosing to fly like a duck, Stansted Airport is close by and you can then catch a train through Cambridge to the site. Luton airport is also around an hour away by car but difficult to get between via train, we may be able to run a shuttle at cost if there's sufficient interest . Cambridge airport is also available for clubs wishing to charter a flight!

By Water

The campsite is landlocked and hopefully stays that way, so water based transport is not advised however you're welcome to waddle.

Extend Your Camp

Remember we have additional days at the site either side of rally, so if you fancy sticking around to break up a long journey then let us know! The train station in Newmarket is a short walk from the site and we may be able to provide an at cost shuttle service at these times.

On the Map

The Jarman Centre
119 Duchess Dr

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact