The UK has declared that we are in a climate emergency so we, as Scouts and Guides, have the opportunity to lead the change to save our environment. Therefore, the Roman Rally committee needs your help to make SSAGO as sustainable as possible!


For this reason, we will have plenty of vegan and vegetarians options available. Eating meat has a large impact on the environment - on carbon and resources. Our Friday night dinner will be vegan to help reduce our impact. To put it into perspective, if you ate one less burger a week, it would be the equivalent of taking your car off the road for 320 miles! Why not consider going vegan or vegetarian for the weekend?

We also recycle food waste in Bath - it is collected by the council and is anaerobically digested, generating renewable energy and providing compost for local farms. This means we will have a food waste bin by the washing up and we encourage you to put any leftover food in. No packaging, liquids or cutlery please!

Lunch Boxes

We also ask you all to bring a (NAMED) lunchbox for your sandwiches. A lot of plastic bags normally get used and wasted for lunches at camp so we want to do our best to reduce this. These will get labelled with your name, club and order and be redistributed based on club. If you order two sandwiches, please bring a box big enough for this. We will aim to wrap those without lunchboxes in paper bags/tin foil as this is recyclable in Bath. 


We aim to have plenty of recycling and normal bins available around the site, including in the marquee and at the campfire, so please think about disposing of foods, drinks cans and bottles in the appropriate bins.


Another way to improve your carbon footprint is to think about your method of transport. Bath Spa station is easily accessed by coach or train and we encourage everyone to share transport if possible. If you're thinking about travelling by train, why not check out the Split Ticketing website! This website finds the cheapest trains by splitting up the journey into the cheapest sections. You do not have to get off at these stations, your train just has to stop there!

You can purchase the tickets advertised to support the site or view the cheapest splits and put them into a traditional ticket buying website like trainline or national rail and avoid the split ticket charges, saving you more of your finest sovereigns for badges and what not.

Any ideas you may have to make rallies more sustainable, please get in contact with us!

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact