Stretch Goals

Participant Stretch Goals!
  • 100: Film Time: Relax after getting to rally with our Friday night screening of a selection of fantasy films.
  • 150: Saturday Night Hike: Looking for something different to do on Saturday night? Join us for a short night hike around our campsite.
  • 200: Brownies at Midnight: Craving a midnight snack? Get up to 200 people and we'll bring out the chocolate brownies.
  • 250: The Dragon's Hoard: Our mystery stretch goal which will add a lot to the weekend as well as some items to the shop! 
  • ​​​​​​320: The Biggest Ever Rally: This one may be the biggest fantasy about our entire Rally but if we manage to get enough of you here to have the biggest Rally ever then we guarantee it's going to be an incredible weekend and we'll make sure to come up with all sorts of wonderful things for you to do in addition to the huge amount of things we've already got planned for you! 




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