Energi Trampolining Nearly Full

There's something amazing about trampolining, that moment where you're flying into the air and defying gravity truly it must be magic! So make the most of these magical trampolines and come trampolining!

Cost: £7.00

Spaces remaining: 1/10

Clip N' Climb Preston Nearly Full

Many quests involve exploring the wilds and if you're not prepared (remember our motto!) then you're going to struggle, so come climbing and prepare for every outcome as you never know when you're going to need to climb on your quests!

Cost: £10.00

Spaces remaining: 2/10

Lakes Aquarium

Do you fantasise about an underwater life with the fish? Then why not come meet some wonderful sea life at this lovely little aquarium!

Cost: £6.00

Spaces remaining: 12/16

Sandcastles Water Park (Full Day) Nearly Full

Embrace adventure and visit the UK's largest indoor waterpark! Could this be like the lost world of Atlantis? This ticket includes access to the main park. There is also the option to purchase access to the hyperzone for £6.50 on the day.

Cost: £10.50

Spaces remaining: 1/24

Brewery tour and pub crawl Nearly Full

Brewery Tour and pub crawl starting from the Brewery.

Cost: £12.00

Spaces remaining: 2/12

Pottery Painting Nearly Full

The world of fantasy can offer so much inspiration and creativity for art. I don't know about you, but relaxing with some tea whilst painting dragons on crockery seems like a nice way to spend the afternoon! Pay £15 for your item when you get there and have a choice between pieces to decorate.

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 1/13


I wonder what kind of treasures there might be out there in the wilds, come join us on a quest to find all the treasure you can! Approx distance: 2.5 miles

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 13/22

Cafe Crawl Full

Take a nice and relaxed day off to explore the cafés of Lancaster with a relaxed stroll around our selection of different places to get a nice cup of tea.

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 0/14

I would be interested if more spaces were available

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Nearly Full

Opening weekend for the latest fantastic beasts film is going to be the same weekend as Rally! So if you fancy really sticking with the fantasy theme why not head to our local Vue cinema (where tickets are only £5!) and let us book your tickets in advance!

Cost: £5.00

Spaces remaining: 1/14

Day off in Blackpool (Full Day)

Enjoy a day at the seaside, explore some of the towns favourite attractions and try not to spend too much on the 2p machines at the amusements! Note: Both Pleasure Beach and Blackpool tower are not open on 17th November. If you plan on visiting another attraction, we recommend booking in advance.

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 4/10

Afternoon off in Windermere Full

Take a day off in Windermere. Why not take a boat across England's largest natural lake or stroll along the edge and see parks in the village? Get an insight into the fantasy world created by Beatrix Potter by visiting the themed museum and tearooms. Windermere centre is the perfect place the relax and unwind from a busy day of sightseeing. Grab a drink (there are a host of cafes and pubs) and enjoy!

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 0/28

I would be interested if more spaces were available

Blackpool Zoo (Full Day) Full

Meet some of the fantastic beasts at Blackpool zoo!

Cost: £9.00

Spaces remaining: 0/30

I would be interested if more spaces were available

U2 Pub Crawl Nearly Full

Bring your tankards and come for a pub crawl so practical you don't even have to walk between the pubs, just hop on the bus and get off at your next pub! (Note, this activity has nothing to do with U2 the band) - Bus ticket not included

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 1/17

Board Games

Board games offer us lots of different quests to enjoy together, so why not have a relaxing day on site playing board games and generally enjoying a nice day off with your fellow SSAGO members!

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 4/12

Castle Tour Full

What does every good fantasy story need? The answer here could be anything, but we went with a castle! So come along for a tour of Lancaster's Castle and other historic local attractions

Cost: £6.50

Spaces remaining: 0/15

I would be interested if more spaces were available

Long Quest (Full Day) Full

You know what they say, it's not about the destination, it's the journey that's the worthier part, so join us as we hike through the lakes on a quest through some of the most beautiful part of the UK! Approx distance: 9.5 miles

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 0/15

I would be interested if more spaces were available

Short Quest Full

Take a leisurely stroll through the forest of Bowland, which is situated right on our doorstop! Approx distance: 5.5 miles

Cost: £0.00

Spaces remaining: 0/15

I would be interested if more spaces were available

Escape Rooms Lancaster Full

You're going to need to work together and push each others strengths to the limit to get out from these escape rooms!

Cost: £12.50

Spaces remaining: 0/14

I would be interested if more spaces were available

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