Who's Going

There are 120 members currently booked on from 30 clubs.
The most recent person to book was Alex (Exeter).

Aberdeen University Scout and Guides (0)

    Aberystwyth Student Scout and Guide Organisation (8)

    • Aaron (Long hike: Isle of Arran)
    • Charlotte (Long hike: Isle of Arran)
    • Daphne (Climbing Academy Glasgow)
    • James (Ghost Tour of Edinburgh )
    • Kerri (Long hike: Isle of Arran)
    • Mark (Day off in Edinburgh)
    • Melissa (Day off in Edinburgh)
    • Vanesa (Long hike: Loch Lomond)

    Bangor University Guides and Scouts (2)

    • Niall (Long hike: Loch Lomond)
    • Philip (Day off in Edinburgh)

    Bath University Guides and Scouts (0)

      Birmingham (12)

      • Alex (Day Off on Site)
      • Annabel (Long hike: Loch Lomond)
      • Charlotte (Afternoon off in Glasgow)
      • Dominic (Long hike: Isle of Arran)
      • Eleanor (Long hike: Loch Lomond)
      • Eleanor (Short hike: River Kelvin and Clyde)
      • Jonathan (Afternoon off in Glasgow)
      • Katey (Long hike: Isle of Arran)
      • Lucy (Short hike: River Kelvin and Clyde)
      • Matthew (Short hike: River Kelvin and Clyde)
      • Nathan (Subcrawl (Team Outer))
      • Rosie (Long hike: Loch Lomond)

      Cambridge (3)

      • Caitlin (Long hike: Loch Lomond)
      • Meghan (Canoeing/Kayaking/Raft Building (on-site))
      • Thomas (Subcrawl (Team Outer))

      Cardiff SSAGS (1)

      • Nicola (Glasgow Science Centre)

      De Montfort University Guides and Scouts (3)

      • Abigail (Afternoon off in Glasgow)
      • Peter (Short hike: River Kelvin and Clyde)
      • Samuel (Day off in Edinburgh)

      Derby University Guides and Scouts (0)

        Dundee SSAGO (0)

          Durham University Scout and Guide Group (0)

            Edge Hill SSAGO (0)

              Essex SSAGO (1)

              • Bethan (Ghost Tour of Edinburgh )

              Exeter (2)

              • Alex (Long hike: Loch Lomond)
              • Rachel (Glasgow Science Centre)

              Glasgow SSAGO (11)

              • Alannah (Canoeing/Kayaking/Raft Building (on-site))
              • Catherine (Ghost Tour of Edinburgh )
              • Cecilia (Subcrawl (Team Outer))
              • Emma (Day Off on Site)
              • Erin (Day Off on Site)
              • Esme (Afternoon off in Glasgow)
              • Joanne (seonag) (Short hike: River Kelvin and Clyde)
              • Julia (Afternoon off in Glasgow)
              • Lauren (Afternoon off in Glasgow)
              • Liam (Day Off on Site)
              • Stephanie (Subcrawl (Team Inner) )

              Greenwich and Kent SSAGO (0)

                Hertfordshire University Guides and Scouts (2)

                • Charlotte (Canoeing/Kayaking/Raft Building (on-site))
                • Kathryn (Long hike: Loch Lomond)

                Huddersfield Student Scouts and Guides (0)

                  Hull's Own Guides and Scouts (1)

                  • Alexandra (Short hike: Arthur's Seat)

                  Indie (8)

                  • Alicia (Canoeing/Kayaking/Raft Building (on-site))
                  • Anthoney (Subcrawl (Team Inner) )
                  • Daniel (Ghost Tour of Edinburgh )
                  • Emily (Canoeing/Kayaking/Raft Building (on-site))
                  • Hakon (Glasgow Science Centre)
                  • Leigh (Day off in Edinburgh)
                  • Lucy (Long hike: Isle of Arran)
                  • Peter (Subcrawl (Team Inner) )

                  Keele SSAGO (6)

                  • Charlotte (Glasgow Science Centre)
                  • Georgina (Glasgow Science Centre)
                  • Kerry (Glasgow Science Centre)
                  • Maria (Subcrawl (Team Outer))
                  • Reuben (Glasgow Science Centre)
                  • Rose (Canoeing/Kayaking/Raft Building (on-site))

                  Kernow SSAGO (1)

                  • Alexandra (Afternoon off in Glasgow)

                  Lancaster (12)

                  • Adam (Long hike: Loch Lomond)
                  • Alice (Long hike: Isle of Arran)
                  • Caitlin (Short hike: River Kelvin and Clyde)
                  • Daisy (Cafe Crawl)
                  • Danny (Long hike: Loch Lomond)
                  • Emma (Long hike: Isle of Arran)
                  • Isabel (Long hike: Loch Lomond)
                  • Jenny (Long hike: Loch Lomond)
                  • Millie (Day off in Edinburgh)
                  • Rhys (Subcrawl (Team Outer))
                  • Samuel (Canoeing/Kayaking/Raft Building (on-site))
                  • Simon (Day Off on Site)

                  Leeds (2)

                  • Catherine (Subcrawl (Team Inner) )
                  • Naomi (Glasgow Science Centre)

                  Leicester (3)

                  • Alec (Subcrawl (Team Outer))
                  • Amber (Day off in Edinburgh)
                  • Lauren (Day off in Edinburgh)

                  Lincoln University Guides and Scouts (2)

                  • Darcy (Subcrawl (Team Inner) )
                  • Harvey (Subcrawl (Team Inner) )

                  Liverpool University SSAGO (1)

                  • Joe (Subcrawl (Team Outer))

                  Loughborough (3)

                  • Ed (Canoeing/Kayaking/Raft Building (on-site))
                  • Hugh (Long hike: Loch Lomond)
                  • Peter (Canoeing/Kayaking/Raft Building (on-site))

                  Manchester (1)

                  • Harriet (Subcrawl (Team Outer))

                  Newcastle Universities Student Scout and Guide Group (2)

                  • Eleanor Grace (Short hike: River Kelvin and Clyde)
                  • Ellen (Subcrawl (Team Outer))

                  Nottingham (1)

                  • Emma (Ghost Tour of Edinburgh )

                  Oxford University Scout and Guide Group (0)

                    Plymouth University Guides and Scouts (5)

                    • Ashley (Long hike: Isle of Arran)
                    • Jack (Short hike: River Kelvin and Clyde)
                    • Jamie (Day off in Edinburgh)
                    • Leah (Long hike: Loch Lomond)
                    • Oliver (Short hike: Arthur's Seat)

                    Portsmouth SSAGO (0)

                      Royal Holloway, University of London SSAGO (0)

                        SAGGA (0)

                          Salford Student Scout And Guide Organisation (0)

                            Scouts and Girl Guides York (0)

                              Sheffield Hallam Students Union Guides & Scouts (2)

                              • Charlotte (Ghost Tour of Edinburgh )
                              • Kate (Ghost Tour of Edinburgh )

                              Solent SSAGO (0)

                                Southampton SSAGO (1)

                                • Joshua (Long hike: Loch Lomond)

                                Strath SSAGO (0)

                                  Swansea University Guides and Scouts (6)

                                  • Bob (Subcrawl (Team Inner) )
                                  • Eloise (Canoeing/Kayaking/Raft Building (on-site))
                                  • Joshua (Long hike: Loch Lomond)
                                  • Nicholas (Short hike: River Kelvin and Clyde)
                                  • Rhiannon (Canoeing/Kayaking/Raft Building (on-site))
                                  • Thomas (Short hike: Arthur's Seat)

                                  UEA SSAGO (EGGS) (0)

                                    University of Bristol Guides and Scouts (6)

                                    • Daniel (Long hike: Isle of Arran)
                                    • Dominic (Long hike: Isle of Arran)
                                    • Lizzie (Long hike: Isle of Arran)
                                    • Luca (Short hike: Arthur's Seat)
                                    • Owen (Subcrawl (Team Outer))
                                    • Vanessa (Long hike: Loch Lomond)

                                    University of Sheffield (11)

                                    • Cameron (Day Off on Site)
                                    • Cameron (Day Off on Site)
                                    • Christian (Cafe Crawl)
                                    • Daniel (Long hike: Isle of Arran)
                                    • Daniel (Glasgow Science Centre)
                                    • Iain (Long hike: Isle of Arran)
                                    • Jennifer (Subcrawl (Team Outer))
                                    • Katie (Cafe Crawl)
                                    • Rachel (Cafe Crawl)
                                    • Robert (Subcrawl (Team Inner) )
                                    • Stephen (Canoeing/Kayaking/Raft Building (on-site))

                                    University of South Wales SSAGO (0)

                                      University of the Highlands and Islands (0)

                                        UWE Bristol (1)

                                        • Rhian (Subcrawl (Team Outer))

                                        Winchester (0)

                                          Worcester SSAGO (0)

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