Quiet Spaces

As part of the evening activities, a quiet space will be provided for those who wish to have a more relaxing evening.

This will include a Board Game space for those not wishing to partake in the Ceilidh/Tomorrowland.

There will also be a separate 'quiet' camping area for those wishing to go to bed a little bit earlier.

Indoor Accommodation

Easily accessible indoor accommodation is available onsite, if you need to stay indoors please choose this option when booking.

Transport Assistance

The majority of the activities are offsite, and will require the use of the tube to travel to/from. Whilst we anticipate most activities will travel as a group, we appreciate some people may not feel comfortable with the idea of travelling across London.

If you wish, we can make your activity leader aware of this, and make sure you get where you need to be! Talk to us -

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact