How It Works- FAQs

How will tasks be released?

All tasks will be released right here on the website. But they will also be released on our Facebook Page- so if you have any friends who want to tackle any of the tasks, they can!

How do I submit tasks?

A few days before the event you will be emailed with a link to a really quick google form where will ask you for the names of the people in your team, or if you still want us to put you in a team. Once we've been through the responses, you and all the members of your team will be emailed a link to a google drive folder where you'll be able to upload your task submissions.

When will tasks be released and how long will I have to complete them?

There are two types of tasks and the answers to these questions vary depending on the task-type:

  • TYPE A: Three or four of these tasks will be released together at a set time according to the Task Release Schedule, and you will have until stated to upload your attempts at all of the tasks to your Folder. This means you can spend however long you like on each task, or divide them up between your team etc!
  • TYPE B: These are Bonus Tasks and you will have 15 minutes to upload your submission from the minute the task is released!

How will points be awarded?

All submissions will be judged by the Maskmaster's assistants who will award the points. (We are still to confirm how points will be awarded, but we'll update this when we have decided!)

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact