The Guest List

Duchess Maria of Staffordshire

Duchess Maria, a wealthy widow, invites her closest friend to a dinner party at her estate. Chancellor Scruffy Squirrel of Keele University is her life long friend, whom she loves like a brother. Her team of loyal staff members include Charlotte and Rachel - her maid and butler.



Chancellor Scruffy G. Squirrel of Keele University

Scruffy Squirrel has been Chancellor of Keele University for the past 25 years. He is a businessman and entrepreneur, with a taste for the finer things in life. The flamboyant, carefree attitude of the roaring 20’s suits him to T.




Mr Shakespeare

Mr Shakespeare is the local banker and manages the accounts for Duchess Maria’s Estate. He is well known in the community for managing the finances of the wealthy. Though successful and well respected, he can be short tempered - especially when it comes to money.



Dr Harding

Dr Harding was the doctor treating Duchess Maria’s late husband. Although nothing could be done to save him, Duchess Maria is forever grateful and remains on friendly terms with Dr Harding. She is known to many as she has been the towns doctor for many years.



Professor Westbrook

Famous Professor of Chemistry and old friend of the recently passed Duke of Staffordshire. She has recently moved to the area in the hope of finding a new job, allowing her to support the Duchess through her grief.




Charlotte, the Maid

A young woman who has been working at the estate for the Duchess for the last few years. Her job in the manor allows her to live comfortably despite the hard work. Charlotte cleans the manor daily and helps in the kitchen when there are guests in the manor. She has quickly become one of the Duchess’s most trusted employees.



Rachel, the Butler

Rachel had worked for the Duke and Duchess for many, many years. She continues to work for the Duchess and they shared in their grief for the Duke. She oversees the keeping of the house and is a good judge of character. Though she has no family of her own, her job keeps her more than content.


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