Welcome to Keele SSAGOs Murder Mystery Midlands Freshers Camp

Duchess Maria of Staffordshire invites all her midlands friends to attend her prestigious country manor on the 12th - 14th October 2018. There will be many special guests, including her best friend, Chancellor of Keele Univeristy, Scruffy G Squirrel. 

However, there's more than just campfire smoke in the air, as murder and mystery are rife.

You have just the weekend to work out... whodunnit?

This Midlands Freshers camp is open to Keele, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester, De Montfort, Worcester, Wolves, Loughborough and Midlands indie members. Please do not book on if you are from elsewhere, although we’re honoured you would have liked to!

 If you have any questions please email soc.ssago@keele.ac.uk or message Reuben Cone or Maria Glover on Facebook. 

Also make sure you join the Facebook event for more up to date information. 

There are 59 members currently booked on from 4 clubs.
The most recent person to book was Kayleigh (Guest).




If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.