This will probably be your first SSAGO event so we've put together some tipbits to help you along the way. 

What should I expect?

 Expect to make friends, have fun and enjoy a weekend of exciting activities
Regional camps tend to be much smaller incomparison to rallies so they are a great opportunity to get to know people from other clubs. So by the time rally comes around you'll feel more excited to go!


What should I bring?

Sleeping bag

Roll mat

Plate,bowl, mug and knife/spoon/fork



Boots/walking shoes 

Hat, gloves, scarf 

wash bag with tooth brush and tooth paste + anything else needed



Jumpers + warm layers



Club necker 

Bag to put it all in

Cash for tuck shop

Optional items

Board games/cards 


Hot waterbottle 

I've got a question/concern who do I talk to? 

Please contact your club committee who will help you with your questions or contact the organisers directly at ssago@aber.ac.uk 


I want to organise my own activties is that okay?

You are more than welcome to plan your own activities for the weekend and join us for meals and everything else. Aberystwyth is very close and has many enjoyable activties to offer. Equally there are some pubs locally you can visit and enjoy. 


It'll be October won't it be cold?

Yes! We advise to pack appropriately for the weather, remember Wales can get wet! Umberellas, coats, waterproof trousers are all perfectly good items to bring. 
A jumper will keep you warm but a coat on top will help fight against wind chill. 
There is further advise over on GirlGuiding's website


I don't know anyone, I'm not sure I'll be welcomed?

That's okay, it can be a bit nerve racking going to a social event and not sure what to expect, do, say... but since it's a very small camp you'll get a chance to meet everyone and we want to help break the ice!

You'll quickly realise that SSAGO are full of really friendly and socialable people. Be yourself and you'll have a great time. 


If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.