SW Freshers '16 will be held at:

Woodhouse Park, 

Fernhill, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4LX

Arriving by Road?

Woodhouse can be found easily by getting off the M5 at junction 16 and heading North along the A38 through Almondsbury; it's off the first left after crossing the M4 and should look like this: 

A direction map can be downloaded here.

Alternatively... use your GPS and the post code above!


Arriving by Public transport?

The closest convinient station is Bristol Parkway, where the 77 bus can get you to Woodhouse (getting off at Fernhill) in just 20 mins!
For Friday evening the times leaving Parkway are 18:17 and 20:18, so aim to meet these transfers.

There are a few other bus options (requiring changes) throughout the evening.
At 4 miles, you could of course walk or cycle if you're up for it!


At a far cheaper cost than the train, coach is always a good option for the thrifty traveller!
There is a Megabus stop at UWE, as well as both Megabus and National Express stops in the centre of Bristol;
buses can get you from these stops to Woodhouse easily.


Arriving by Magical means?

The staff lodge has a fireplace for those travelling by floo powder.

There's a portkey on Brownsea Island that will take you to the Woodhouse park gift shop.

We've also hired Frome camping field for broomstick landings, just be careful of the mud!

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.