What can I expect?

SSAGO's history starts in 1967 with the merger of it's predecsor organisations: Inter-Varsity and Inter-Collegiate. It's routes go further back with Rover and Ranger crews at most major universities (Bristol, Oxford, Birmingham and Cambridge to name a few). 

You can read more about SSAGO's history here

Archives are historical documents or records that hold important information about a place, instituion, person or group of people. SSAGO's archives are rich and diverse. Many university Special Collection departments hold records relating to the Rover, Ranger and Scout and Guide Club that has run at that institution. 


National SSAGO's materials have for many decades been passed on from one secretary to another, before the age of computers minute books were used to record meeting minutes between: executive committees, reps and joint meetings with Scouting and Guiding. At around 2010 it was decided to deposite the organisation's archive to The Scouts as a permanent home, they are still there to this day. 


SSAGO's first archive weekend will be a great opportunity to look at original materials such as: Kudu Notes magazines, past member's memories, photos, meeting minutes and original Pennents which were similar to our event badges sold at rallies today. And generally learn more about SSAGO's interesting past. 

We are developing a new archives online system to share all these records for both current and past members. We'd love to hear feedback over the weekend and get people to test it out! 

If you have any materials you wish to share or donoate please bring them along. 


Witan 1967 Flag break, image by T. Crackett 


SSAGO Bulletin 1979-1980 Vol.3, SSAGO Archives

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