What's on?

The plan


This camp is designed to be as flexible as possible, so you can book on to whichever days take your fancy, you can afford, or you’ll be here for.

Each day has an associated cost and this reflects the cost of running the activities.

Each night you camp with us costs £12.50 and this includes hiring of tent space, etc; campsite fee’s; and 3 meals (that nights tea and the next day’s breakfast and lunch.

The plan is as follows:


Sunday 21st April

Helping BUGS


If you are available on the Sunday for even a couple of hours, your help getting kit from the various locations will be extremely valuable. And if there is any money left in the budget, you never know, there may be a drink on BUGS on offer…

If you are wanting to borrow a wetsuit for any of the week’s water-based activities this will be extremely beneficial. Sizes are limited and are mostly for shorter people. If you have your own, bringing it would be advisable.


Monday 22nd April

Giant Easter Egg Hunt


As it is Easter Monday, we will be doing an Easter Egg hunt, far and wide. Combining geocaching, orienteering and passion for chocolate.

We will also be having a day in Llanberis to do what you want: wander round the shops, tour the museums or dip your feet in the edges of Llyn Padarn, it's entirely up to you!

We will then be heading to the campsite to set up for the weeks exploits.

If you aren't able to make it, or don't like chocolate - select "Day Off".


Tuesday 23rd April



We’re off for a hike. It will be a full day’s hike but nothing too technical or challenging.

Location TBC


Wednesday 24th April

Onsite Activities


After the previous days hiking exploits, we'll be chilling onsite.

Whether you want to undertake a pioneering challenge, do a bit of baking/cooking or some crafts, or whatever, the choice is yours!


Thursday 25th April



The plan is simple. Build a raft. Paddle around Llyn Padarn. What could possibly go wrong?...

There is also the possibility of some stand-up paddle boarding (with an instructor as well).


Midnight. (Thursday night - Friday morning)

Avengers: Endgame - The midnight showing.

Free, but buy your own cinema ticket

Oh yes. We're going. 

Here in Bangor, we're all just a bunch of giant nerds, so our Easter camp will be having an intermission during the Thursday night in order to go to the midnight showing of Avengers: Endgame at cineworld in Llandudno junction. We can't wait!

Please note you are responsible for buying your own ticket to the showing.


Friday 26th April

Beach and BBQ


It's a day on the beach having a BBQ, relaxing, playing games, splashing in the sea and whatever you feel like doing - what is not to love?!


Saturday 27th April

Gorge walking and more BBQing


We will be heading to Llyn Geirionydd to do some gorge walking followed by a BBQ, splash and swim in the lake and/or an easy wander around the lake. What a nice end to our Easter camp.

If you don't want to gorge walk, that's absolutely fine, you are more than welcome to sit on the edges of the lake and do whatever you want whilst we are off out. If you’ve never done it before or are uncomfortable about it, chat to Ben (or Mich, she had reservations last year but absolutely loved it).


Sunday 28th April

Post camp putting away & pub


Like before the camp, we could really do with your help putting kit away. If you are to help us put kit back in stores and various other locations then any and all help would be appreciated.

It is likely we will be going to the pub for tea to celebrate a (hopefully) successful Easter camp and an absolutely amazing year of BUGS.



If you're not partaking in a particular day and/or nights camping we will be doing drop off's in Bangor after the days activity (on the way back to the campsite) or on our way to the days activity in the morning. Times for this will vary, so more accurate timings will be posted closer to the time. If you've any questions in the meantime, please conatact us.

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.