Site Update

Following poor weather and a large booking at the site, we have been sent an update from the campsite.

Due to poor weather, and a large recent booking, the site that we have hired for South West Freshers' Camp is not in the best condition, and the campsite had asked us to cancel our booking.

Fortunately, following a discussion with the campsite, we have been able to secure additional indoor accommodation to make sure the camp can still go ahead, however we thought we would just give you a quick update on how this affects you, so you can come suitably prepared!

If you have already booked indoor accommodation: don't worry - this won't affect you!

If you were planning on camping, we have been advised that we may not be able to pitch tents due to the onsite conditions. However we have secured use of the 'barn' onsite. Please be aware, this isn't a fancy name for some more dormitories, and is just a shell.

If there are good weather conditions over the next week we are hopeful that this may not be an issue, and camping could still be available, however the weather is difficult to predict and we can only go on the latest information we have been given by the campsite.

There are a few options if you were hoping to camp;

  1. Bring a free-standing tent (one that doesn't need to be pegged down, to stand up). If the site improves, use it outside, and if not, put it up in the barn.

  2. Don't bring a tent, use the barn and we'll put some tarpaulins up so some groups can have privacy if required.

  3. We have been able to secure some more beds inside. These are still available to buy (just click below), even if you've already completed your booking and paid, you can still go in and amend it.

The camp committee are monitoring the situation, and will update this page as and when we find out more information.
We thank everyone for their understanding - we're doing the best we can with a not ideal situation! If you have any questions, please drop us an email to

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact