As the Witan team, we thought it would be nice to offer SSAGO some more badges, celebrating the attendance of SSAGO events. Any surplus from the sale of these badges will be used as fundraising for Witan 2024. 

You do not need to be attending Witan to purchase items from the fundraising shop.

We hope to offer postage of badges again in the near future, for now they will only be available for purchase and pick up at national events. If you won't be at national events, sit tight and keep an eye out for an announcement when we resume postage.

National Events Badges

There are 'National Events' badges, for you to show off and be proud of your attendance of Rallies, Balls, Witans, and SSAGO Reunions. They come in 3, 6, 9, and 12 National Events. They progress through bronze, silver, and gold, before platinum at 12 - with sparkly thread! We won't be policing who gets these badges, as Scouts and Guides we trust everyone to be honest. If you want to count online rallys, like Green Rally Yellow Rally or Build-a-Rally, that's also entirely up to you. Get the badges you want, we really don't mind.

It's also totally okay to order a bundle even if you haven't attended a number of events yet, we're sure you will!


The badges are woven, and each badge is ~50mm along each side, with a corner to corner measurement of ~70mm.

If you've exceeded 12, and you'd be keen to continue with higher badges, let us know - we've got ideas!

SSAGO International Badge

We also have a badge for those of you who have been on a SSAGO international trip! Whether you're coming to Witan 2024 or went to Kander100 or Iceland in 2022, this is the perfect badge for anyone who has been abroad with SSAGO or plans to.

The badges are woven, and each badge is ~70mm in diameter.

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.