Welcome to Minibus travel to Amalgam

Amalgam are offering a variety of minibus routes to the campsite, where you'll be able to travel in the company of other members! We will be running several routes to Amalgam from various places in the UK.

If there is not a bus from where you are traveling, but are interested in traveling by minibus, please make a booking and under the waiting list section add details of where you would like to travel from. If there is suficient interest we will look at providing further buses.

If you do not have a SSAGO account and wish to book onto a bus please email Logistics@amalgam.ssago.org with details of where you would like to travel from and we will sort the booking for you.

Provisional timetable:

Please note these are provisional times. We will endavour not to change these times may be slightly later than shown here. Exact pick up locations and times will be confirmed with thoes booked at least a week before travel.

Minibus A- Orpington-Redhill-Paccar

Orpington station- 16:30

Redhill station (for Gatwick airport)- 17:15

Paccar campsite (arrive)- 18:30


Minibus B- Liverpool- Altrincham-Birmingham International-Paccar

University of Liverpool- 17:45

Altrincham Interchange (for Manchester)- 18:40

Birmingham International- 20:45

Paccar campsite (arrive)- 23:00


Minibus C- Southampton- Reading- Paccar (TBC)

University of Southampton Highfield Campus- 15:00

Southampton Airport Parkway-15:10

Reading (Madejski stadium)-16:20

Paccar campsite (arrive)- 17:20


Return times
Minibus A

Paccar campsite (depart)- 14:00

Redhill station (for Gatwick airport)- 15:15

Orpington station- 16:howeve


Minibus B

Paccar campsite (depart)- 13:30

Birmingham International- 15:30

Altrincham Interchange (for Manchester)- 17:45

University of Liverpool- 18:45


Minibus C

Paccar campsite (depart)- 14:00

Reading (Madejski stadium)- 14:55

Southampton Airport Parkway- 16:05

University of Southampton HIghfield campus- 16:20

Please note you are responsible for organizing your own travel to and from the pickup locations. If you are late for the pick up the bus may not be able to wait for you and due to traffic conditions, it may be possible that drop-offs are delayed which may affect your onwards travel. Please bear this in mind when planning your travel. The drivers will endeavour to keep you informed if they are running late.

Please note space is limited on the buses so please remember to pack lightly in consideration of the driver and other passangers.

Cancellations will be done in line with the Amalgam Cancelation policy which can be found here. Where there is a waiting list for spaces we will allow people a full refund if a replacement passenger can be found.

As well as booking here you should also complete and pay for your Amalgam booking.

If your club is looking to organise cars or a minibus we're happy to add spaces here to help coordinate bookings and payments from nearby SSAGO members.

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.