Is three days not enough Rally for you? Or are you away at the IST weekend during Rally of Games but still want to join some SSAGO summer fun? This event is for bringing together everyone who is coming before and/or after Rally of Games and planning pre- and post-camp activities!

Extend Rally into a Summer camp - for individuals or clubs!

For just £4.50 per person per night, you can camp either side of Rally Games and make a week out of it! Camping will be available any time from the 13th up to the 24th of June, encompassing the 17th-19th Rally weekend itself - so you can find the times that work best for you and your club or perhaps you just want to make a long weekend out of your journey!

Can't make Rally, but still want some SSAGO Summer fun?

If you can't make Rally, or are at the IST weekend, then don't worry, you can still enjoy some SSAGO time both before and after Rally itself!

Sound good? Register your interest now!

What kind of activities might we be doing?

While you're free to do your own activities as an individual or a club, we'll be looking to organise some other activities based on interest for those who are around and want to team up with other SSAGOers!


Go hunt some Geocaches - near the campsite, in Northampton or Milton Keynes

Bivi Night

Stay overnight in a self-built shelter - made from bin bags and whatever natural materials you can gather on site

Cave Bus

On on-site activity. The CaveBus offers nearly 100 metres of tunnels that weave their way around the bus. Price per person depends on interest (Total £55 for a 2h session). Availability from the campsite still needs to be confirmed.

Night hike

A nighthike near the campsite


Building a pioneering project - such as a table, a tower or a swing

Activities at Willen Lakes or Northampton active

Missed your chance to go to Willen Lakes as a Saturday Afternoon activity? Head to Willen Lakes (or Northampton active, who offer similar program) and join a session of your favorite activity, such as hiring a boat or a treetop parcour

Activities in Milton Keynes

Activities available in Milton Keynes, including mini golf, trampoling, high ropes, treetop adventures, parks, brewerys, escape rooms, mini golf, railways, hikes, aqua parks, water sports, virtual realty experiences, skiing and plenty more!

Bletchley Park

Missed your chance to go to Blechley Park as a Saturday activity? Here's your chance to join a trip there, and discover the incredible achievements of Britain's World War Two Codebreakers, in the place where it happened.

Cheese Party

Everybody brings the coolest kind of cheese they can find, then we all share around the campfire


Doing a badge together - for example the Dutch Cub scout "Spelexpert" (games expert) for a thematic fit to Rally


A hike in/around Milton Keynes or Northampton Possible routes for example: https://getaroundmk.org.uk/walking/where-to-walk https://getaroundmk.org.uk/cycling/where-to-ride/cultural-routes Sywell Country Park Aichester Country Park Starneck Lakes Feel free to let us know a preference in the suggestions box!

Adventure Activity Day at Northampton Active

Do you want to try all the watersports? With this activity day package you can try canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding and raft building! While it is quite expensive (£80 regular price - we are hoping for a scout/guide discount though), you will definately get your money worth in action and fun!

Open Swimming class at Castle Ashby

Join a swimming class in a lake, with view to a castle! Price is £8 for the session Can be combined with a visit to the castle gardens

Bike Hire

Hire a bike (or a tandem, if feeling extra adventerous!) and do some cycling, for example along the 7-mile reservoir trail or along the Brampton Valley Way!

Pub Meal Out

An evening meal out at one of the nearby walkable pubs

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If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.