Welcome to BuLa Germany

VCP (the scout association behind PfAU, the German equivalent of SSAGO) has invited us to one of there camps! This is an exciting opportunity to experience German scouting, which in my opinion, is uniquiely wonderful: Think castles build from tents, with campfires inside. Guitar music and singing. It'll be an event not to be missed!

BuLa (short for Bundeslager) is the jamboree of VCP, for everyone cub age and up. The theme this year is "Neustad - Du hast die Wahl" (Newtown - it's your choice), where the camp will be built as a city to explore, built and goverened by scouts, with different neighbourhoods and places to explore

The main camp runs from 30/7/2022 to 8/8/2022, but we are welcome to arrive as early as the 27th to help build the camp (which, I was told, is the most fun part of all!).

If there is interest we could also do a short pre- or post-tour and spend ~2 nights in Berlin - the campsite is near the capital. At the camp we will be IST, but there will be enough time for fun acitivities, exploring and chilling with PfAU and VCP scouts too.

We'd be on an international subcamp, so not speaking German is not a problem (and, most German teenagers and adults speak English too)

The camp fee is €230 (ca £195) and includes all food, camping and all activities on the camp, transport and potential time in Berlin is extra. https://bundeslager.vcp.de/page/20/welcome-international-guests

Independent Members (1)

  • Alex

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  • Conni

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  • Bethan

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.