Virtual SSAGO Anniversary

17th March to 21st March

Over 30 Virtual Activities to Enjoy!

Welcome to the Virtual SSAGO Anniversary, celebrating one year of Virtual SSAGO and associated activities! To celebrate, we're having 5 days of Virtual SSAGO activities and programme, with a special weekend packed full of activities for you to enjoy - whether you're jumping back to an old favourite or trying something new for the first time!

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One year ago, the introduction of the Covid-19 lockdown changed all of our lives. Since then, we've been unable to attend our beloved in-person SSAGO events- City of Steel Ball, Witan, Survival Rally, Build-A-Rally and Green Rally, Yellow Rally, to name just a few. In response to these changing times, we founded Virtual SSAGO. Whilst we've all been longing for those nights ceilidh dancing together once more, our close-knit SSAGO community has become stronger than ever.

From Badges at Home, to the SSAGO Minecraft Server, to the SSAGO Podcast, many new and vibrant communities have been formed through our SSAGO Discord. Many SSAGO members have worked tirelessly to bring our exciting events into your own home- from national events like Build-A-Rally, Green Rally, Yellow Rally and SSAGO's Step Into Christmas, to regional events like ScotNorth, Midlands Freshers and SW Freshers.

Now, one year on, we want to celebrate the strength and resilience of the online SSAGO community we have all built together. Whether you're a Virtual SSAGO veteran, or new to Virtual SSAGO, or anywhere in between, join us to celebrate, make new friends and learn something new!

Virtual Activities to Enjoy!

With over 30 activities spanning 5 days, there's an activity for everyone!

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Activity of the Moment

MarioKart Tournament

Pull out your Nintendo Switch and join us for a SSAGO Mario Kart tournament as we compete against each other in the race for SSAGO Glory!

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A Challenge Badge to Earn!

Over the Anniversary Weekend and beyond, you can earn your Virtual SSAGO Celebration Badge!

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Complete clauses as follows to earn the badge, and feel free to do much more if you would like to!

  • SSAGO: Complete all activities in this section
  • Celebration: Complete at least three activities in this section
  • Virtual: Complete any eight activities in this section

All the Virtual SSAGO Anniversary Activities

Introduction to discord
Anniversary Launch
Minecraft Mayhem
Space Rally: Neptunes Pride
Skribbl Returns!
Board Game Cafe (Board Game Arena)
SSAGO Through the Years: A Trip through the SSAGO Archive
An Introduction to Virtual Mascot Stealing
Not Quite 2am with Tom
York Castle Museum Treasure Hunt
SSAGO Get Active: From Lands End to John O'Groats
Dungeons and Dragons: Kilwell Park (Game 1)
Viking Rally: Dress Like A Viking
Dungeons and Dragons One-Shot: Mini Dungeon (Game 2)
Virtual Witan Craft: Edelweiss
Camp at Home
Music Bingo
MarioKart Tournament
Cards against SSAGO
Round the Campfire
Special SSAGO Podcast Game
Make Your Own SSAGO Mascot Bot
From SSAGO to SAGGA: The Adventure Continues
Animal Crossing Meet-Up
Badges-at-Home 'An Hour at the Library'
Theatre Watch-Along

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