Welcome to SSAGO Goes to Spoons!

What? SSAGO Goes to Spoons is a nationwide social event where SSAGO...goes to Spoons! But here's the catch, you don't get to decide what you want to eat or drink...somebody else does! Using the Wetherspoons app and the SSAGO website, you select items for a pre determined SSAGO member who is somewhere across the UK. Then in return you get something back, which somebody else has chosen for you! Share your food and drink on Facebook, have a jolly good time and eat lots of peas!

When? Thursday 5th March 2020, 7pm

Where? A Wetherspoons pub anywhere in the country!

Who? SSAGO members - but who sends you food or drink? Nobody knows!

Cost? However much you'd like to spend on your new friend (we suggest up to £7). You can also buy a badge for £2!

How? Head to your selected Wetherspoons and update your table number on the Secret Santa page (which will appear on this website closer to the day). Download the Wetherspoon App and select the pub where your friend is at. Enter their table number which you should also see on the Secret Santa page once they've arrived. Order them what they wanted (or something fun!). Meanwhile patiently wait for your food or drink and send clues to each other to work out who ordered what!


**Badge Update 15/10/2020** Well simple me had planned to give them to Club Reps at /Sheffield Ball, but that became Survival Rally and then that became Build-A-Rally and then I realised it wasn't gunna happen. So here we are 7 months later and as much as I love you guys I don't plan on posting out almost 200 individual badges to everybody. So now that some of you are back at Uni I'm looking for a Club Representative or Committee member for me to post your clubs badges to. Then the clubs can decide the best way to distribute the badges. Now I know that some of you have graduated and will never see your club again, some of you are Indie, some of you are in Ireland etc etc. If you are 100% sure that you can't get your badge from a club Rep at any point in the future I will post your badge to you individually. Please ONLY fill in the form if you're representing a club or can't get your badge for any other reason! Please fill in the form, it's all GDPR secure don't worry, with who you are, your address, the club you are taking the badges for, or the reason why I can't send your badge to your club rep. You've got till Thursday 29th October to let me know before I start pestering! Contact me for a copy of the form - don't want to put the form live on the internet!

Booking closes at 5pm Tuesday 3rd March!

Booking Information

To take part you will need to know two things: which Wetherspoons pub you will be at and whether you want to eat or drink. Make sure your Wetherspoons is available to select whilst booking, and if it isn't then let us know and we can make it available. If you have any dietary requirements make sure they are correct on the membership system and be sure to select the special options in the booking phase.

Happy Staff = Happy SSAGO

Everybody wants to have a good time and we don't want to cause any nuisance to the hard working staff. Every Wetherspoons is different: some will love what we're doing, some will go along with it and some might not be too happy. A lot of the time the staff get confused when they bring items to your table and you don't know what you're expecting. Politey explaining to the staff about what's going on might get them to understand. We have had cases where they have refused to take more app orders - to prevent this: be nice to them and try not to order too much silly stuff that wastes their time. 

Think Waste

If you’ve played before you may have received a bowl of peas or other similar funny item, after all it’s part of the fun! What is sad is that sometimes food that is bought as a joke doesn’t get eaten, leaving a lot of wasted food behind. Not everybody is privileged enough to be able to afford to waste food so please don't be too silly. On the event shop you can find the option to donate £1 to the Trussel Trust Food Bank charity which help to combat food poverty in the UK. Also bring a Tuperware if you want to save any left overs and freeze them or have them for breakfast the next day!

There are 233 members currently booked on from 37 clubs.
The most recent person to book was Thomas (Guest).

Aberystwyth Student Scout and Guide Organisation (7)

  • Aaron (come to Sports Day Rally!) (Yr Hen Orsaf, Aber)
  • Amy (Yr Hen Orsaf, Aber)
  • Cerys Leigh (Yr Hen Orsaf, Aber)
  • Jenny (Yr Hen Orsaf, Aber)
  • Joseph (Yr Hen Orsaf, Aber)
  • Philip (Yr Hen Orsaf, Aber)
  • Vanesa (Yr Hen Orsaf, Aber)

Bangor University Guides and Scouts (10)

  • Alys (The Black Bull Inn, Bangor)
  • Becca (The Black Bull Inn, Bangor)
  • Fay (The Black Bull Inn, Bangor)
  • Jack (The Black Bull Inn, Bangor)
  • Jacob (The Black Bull Inn, Bangor)
  • Joe (The Black Bull Inn, Bangor)
  • Kate (The Black Bull Inn, Bangor)
  • Maegan (The Black Bull Inn, Bangor)
  • Maisie (The Black Bull Inn, Bangor)
  • Rachel (The Black Bull Inn, Bangor)

Bath University Guides and Scouts (11)

  • Adam (The King of Wessex, Bath)
  • Brittany (The King of Wessex, Bath)
  • Caroline (The King of Wessex, Bath)
  • Helen (The King of Wessex, Bath)
  • Ian (The King of Wessex, Bath)
  • Isobel (The King of Wessex, Bath)
  • Jamie (The King of Wessex, Bath)
  • Leah (The King of Wessex, Bath)
  • Maddy (The King of Wessex, Bath)
  • Rachel (The King of Wessex, Bath)
  • Sarah (The King of Wessex, Bath)

Birmingham Universities Scouts And Guides (1)

  • Annabel (Three John Scotts, Hull)

De Montfort University Guides and Scouts (3)

  • Abigail (Corn Exchange, Leicester )
  • Ruby (Corn Exchange, Leicester )
  • Sarah (Corn Exchange, Leicester )

Derby University Guides and Scouts (6)

  • Adam (Wye Bridge House, Buxton)
  • Georgia (The Standing Order, Derby )
  • James (The Standing Order, Derby )
  • Rebecca (Wye Bridge House, Buxton)
  • Simon (The Standing Order, Derby )
  • Sioni (Wye Bridge House, Buxton)

Durham University Scout and Guide Group (3)

  • Ceri (Bishops Mill, Durham)
  • Ellie (Bishops Mill, Durham)
  • Thomas (Bishops Mill, Durham)

Edge Hill SSAGO (9)

  • Benji (Court Leet, Ormskirk)
  • Charlie (Court Leet, Ormskirk)
  • Elise-marie (Court Leet, Ormskirk)
  • India (Court Leet, Ormskirk)
  • James (Court Leet, Ormskirk)
  • Kathryn (Court Leet, Ormskirk)
  • Niall (Court Leet, Ormskirk)
  • Sophie (Court Leet, Ormskirk)
  • Sophie (Court Leet, Ormskirk)

Essex SSAGO (2)

  • Bethan (The Playhouse, Colchester)
  • Katie (The Playhouse, Colchester)

Glasgow SSAGO (5)

  • Alannah (The Crystal Palace, Glasgow)
  • Erin (The Crystal Palace, Glasgow)
  • Liam (The Crystal Palace, Glasgow)
  • Lou (The Crystal Palace, Glasgow)
  • Lucy (The Crystal Palace, Glasgow)

Hertfordshire University Guides and Scouts (6)

  • Amy (Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield )
  • Emily (Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield )
  • João (Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield )
  • Nicole (Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield )
  • Rory (Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield )
  • Tom (Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield )

Honorary Member (1)

  • James (Mannamead, Plymouth)

Independent Members (5)

  • Anthoney (The White Swan, Highbury and Islington )
  • Heather (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Kate (Three John Scotts, Hull)
  • Larah (The White Swan, Highbury and Islington )
  • Tom (The Crystal Palace, Glasgow)

Keele SSAGO (6)

  • Charlotte (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle Under Lyme)
  • Jake (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle Under Lyme)
  • Kerry (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle Under Lyme)
  • Leo (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle Under Lyme)
  • Rachel (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle Under Lyme)
  • Rose (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle Under Lyme)

Lancaster (4)

  • Conor (Sir Richard Owen, Lancaster)
  • Gabby (Sir Richard Owen, Lancaster)
  • Natascha (Sir Richard Owen, Lancaster)
  • Rhys (Sir Richard Owen, Lancaster)

Leeds (2)

  • Jenny (The Hedley Verity, Leeds)
  • Nem (The Hedley Verity, Leeds)

Leicester (5)

  • Bethan (Corn Exchange, Leicester )
  • Emily (Corn Exchange, Leicester )
  • Jimmy (Corn Exchange, Leicester )
  • John (Corn Exchange, Leicester )
  • Katherine (Corn Exchange, Leicester )

Lincoln University Guides and Scouts (4)

  • Elizabeth (The Ritz, Lincoln)
  • Katherine (The Ritz, Lincoln)
  • Kathryn (The Ritz, Lincoln)
  • Megan (The Ritz, Lincoln)

Liverpool Universities' SSAGO (10)

  • Alice (The Fall Wall, Liverpool)
  • Bethany (The Fall Wall, Liverpool)
  • Cerys (The Fall Wall, Liverpool)
  • Emily (The Fall Wall, Liverpool)
  • Jack (The Fall Wall, Liverpool)
  • Jonah (The Fall Wall, Liverpool)
  • Kristina (The Fall Wall, Liverpool)
  • Samir (The Fall Wall, Liverpool)
  • The Will (The Fall Wall, Liverpool)
  • Zoë (The Fall Wall, Liverpool)

Loughborough (2)

  • Ed (Corn Exchange, Leicester )
  • Roanna (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)

Manchester (9)

  • Abby (The Great Central, Manchester )
  • Elizabeth (The Great Central, Manchester )
  • Emma (The Great Central, Manchester )
  • Helen (The Great Central, Manchester )
  • Jenny (The Great Central, Manchester )
  • Katie (The Great Central, Manchester )
  • Neil Allen (The Great Central, Manchester )
  • Rebecca (The Great Central, Manchester )
  • Sammy (The Great Central, Manchester )

Maynooth Rovers Irish Contingent (5)

  • Conni (The Great Wood, Dublin)
  • Dana (The Great Wood, Dublin)
  • Jack (The Great Wood, Dublin)
  • Lilly (The Great Wood, Dublin)
  • Sean (The Great Wood, Dublin)

Newcastle Universities Student Scout and Guide Group (5)

  • Ellis (The Five Swans, Newcastle)
  • Jack (The Five Swans, Newcastle)
  • Jamie (The Five Swans, Newcastle)
  • Theresa (The Five Swans, Newcastle)
  • Tim (The Five Swans, Newcastle)

Nottingham (13)

  • Abigail (Roebuck Inn, Nottingham)
  • Alannah (Roebuck Inn, Nottingham)
  • Billy (Roebuck Inn, Nottingham)
  • Cameron (Roebuck Inn, Nottingham)
  • Charlotte (Roebuck Inn, Nottingham)
  • Emily (Roebuck Inn, Nottingham)
  • Emily (Roebuck Inn, Nottingham)
  • Emma (Roebuck Inn, Nottingham)
  • Jake (Roebuck Inn, Nottingham)
  • Kathryn (Roebuck Inn, Nottingham)
  • Oliver (Roebuck Inn, Nottingham)
  • Sally (Roebuck Inn, Nottingham)
  • William (Roebuck Inn, Nottingham)

Oxford University Scout and Guide Group (8)

  • Carina (The Swan and Castle, Oxford )
  • Elizabeth (The Swan and Castle, Oxford )
  • Emma (The Swan and Castle, Oxford )
  • Emma (The Swan and Castle, Oxford )
  • Henry (The Swan and Castle, Oxford )
  • James (The Swan and Castle, Oxford )
  • John (The Swan and Castle, Oxford )
  • Sophie (The Swan and Castle, Oxford )

Plymouth University Guides and Scouts (13)

  • Andrew (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Ashley (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Ciaran (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Connor (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Edward (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Emily (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Emma (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Katriina (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Laura (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Leah (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Matt (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Summer (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Thomas (Mannamead, Plymouth)

Portsmouth SSAGO (9)

  • Chloe (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Ethan (The White Swan, Highbury and Islington )
  • Greg (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Joshua (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Katherine (The White Swan, Highbury and Islington )
  • Katie (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Lewis (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Milly (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Sam (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)

Salford Student Scout And Guide Organisation (5)

  • Alicia (Moon Under Water, Manchester)
  • James (Moon Under Water, Manchester)
  • Katherine (Moon Under Water, Manchester)
  • Neea (Moon Under Water, Manchester)
  • Olivia (Moon Under Water, Manchester)

Scouts and Girl Guides York (7)

  • Anna (The Postern Gate, York)
  • Ffion Wyn (The Postern Gate, York)
  • Jack (The Postern Gate, York)
  • Katie (The Postern Gate, York)
  • Luke (The Postern Gate, York)
  • Megan (The Postern Gate, York)
  • Saffy (The Postern Gate, York)

Sheffield Hallam Students Union Guides & Scouts (5)

  • Ben (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Charlotte (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Jonathan (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Owen (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Sarah (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)

Sheffield StinGS (8)

  • Cameron (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Jonah (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Jordan (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Mark (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Megan (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Rachel (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Robert (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Sarah (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)

Solent SSAGO (2)

  • Oscar (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Poppy (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)

Southampton SSAGO (13)

  • Alex (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Andrew (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Chris (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Clare (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Dave (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Elsie (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Hannah (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Jake (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • James (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Leon (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Samir (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Sophie (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Thalia (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)

Swansea University Guides and Scouts (10)

  • Adam (The Potters Wheel, Swansea)
  • Aneurin (The Potters Wheel, Swansea)
  • Bob (The Potters Wheel, Swansea)
  • Callum (The Potters Wheel, Swansea)
  • Jack (The Potters Wheel, Swansea)
  • James (The Potters Wheel, Swansea)
  • Jessica (The Potters Wheel, Swansea)
  • Nicole (The Potters Wheel, Swansea)
  • Sam (Three John Scotts, Hull)
  • Thomas (The Potters Wheel, Swansea)


  • Billy (The Glass House, Norwich)
  • Fergus (The Glass House, Norwich)
  • Josh (The Glass House, Norwich)
  • Laura (The Glass House, Norwich)
  • Saz (The Glass House, Norwich)
  • Thomas (The Glass House, Norwich)
  • Yasmin (The Glass House, Norwich)

University of Bristol Guides and Scouts (7)

  • Daniel (The W. G. Grace, Bristol)
  • Freya (The W. G. Grace, Bristol)
  • Luca (The W. G. Grace, Bristol)
  • Matthew (The W. G. Grace, Bristol)
  • Naomi (The W. G. Grace, Bristol)
  • Owen (The W. G. Grace, Bristol)
  • Toni (The W. G. Grace, Bristol)

University of South Wales SSAGO (5)

  • Anneke (The Great Western, Cardiff)
  • Bethan (The Great Western, Cardiff)
  • Hollie (The Great Western, Cardiff)
  • Isobelle (The Great Western, Cardiff)
  • Sean (The Great Western, Cardiff)

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.