Welcome to PLUGS 10 Year Reunion Camp

What is it?

  • A PLUGS reunion camp for members past and present to catch up after 10 years
  • An opportunity for members new and old to meet up
  • The plan is for a chilled out weekend, we invisage a hike one of the days with the potential for other activities based on interest

Where is it?

  • Runnage Farm near Princetown on Dartmoor, PL20 6TN

How much will it cost?

  • We're aiming approximately £20 per head, however this is dependent on numbers
  • We're asking for a £10 deposit by Friday 10th May to confirm numbers for planning purposes

Who is invited?

  • All current and former PLUGS members
  • Any friends, partners or families are welcome too

When is it?

  • 7th-9th June 2019
  • Arriving from Friday evening

What will the food be like?

  • We're working on a menu, give us a minute
  • We're also looking for volunteers to do some cooking over the weekend for a meal or two
  • Birthday cake!

How do I book?

  • If you’re a current PLUGS member, book on  like usual and pay your deposit.
  • If you’re an ex member- we’re working on getting the booking systems set up, contact Frances Milroy (francesmilroy@hotmail.co.uk) for deposit and event details.



If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.