SSAGO goes to 'spoooons

Back for Freshers, and for Halloween...

At 7pm on 2nd November every SSAGO in the country is invited to head to their local Wetherspoons, open up the Wetherspoon app, and buy food and/or drinks rounds for other SSAGOers across the country, secret santa style!

Costumes welcome and encouraged!

If you want to be involved in the secret santa, make sure to book on by midnight 31st October!


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Who's involved in the secret santa?

There are 86 members currently booked on from 17 clubs.
The most recent person to book was Sarah Chapman (University of Sheffield).

Birmingham (3)

  • Dominic Trott (The Dragon Inn, Birmingham)
  • Rory Dunne (The Dragon Inn, Birmingham)
  • Rosie Platten (The Dragon Inn, Birmingham)

Essex SSAGO (1)

  • Adam Woodhouse (The Playhouse, Colchester)

Glasgow SSAGO (4)

  • Catherine Browne (The Counting House, Glasgow)
  • Emma Hedley (The Counting House, Glasgow)
  • Liam Brown (The Counting House, Glasgow)
  • Nicola Grieve (The Counting House, Glasgow)

Guest (1)

  • Tadeusz Urbanowicz (Mannamead, Plymouth)

Hertfordshire University Guides and Scouts (7)

  • Amy Franklin (Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield)
  • Dan Easton (Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield)
  • Emily Stone (Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield)
  • Jessica Bell (Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield)
  • Nicholas Hall (Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield)
  • Robert Martin (Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield)
  • Rory Bass (Harpsfield Hall, Hatfield)

Hull's Own Guides and Scouts (2)

  • Alexandra Hendon (The Three John Scotts, Hull)
  • Ben Hunter (The Three John Scotts, Hull)

Indie (3)

  • Heather Grant (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Leigh Brooks (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Phoebe Magnone (The Playhouse, Colchester)

Keele SSAGO (9)

  • Carrie Mccoy (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)
  • Charlotte Moseley (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)
  • Eva Mcadam (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)
  • Georgina Westbrook (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)
  • Jake Richards (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)
  • Kerry Harding (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)
  • Paris Wood (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)
  • Reuben Cone (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)
  • Sophie Johnson (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)

Liverpool University SSAGO (1)

  • Rio Mcelvenny (The Fall Well, Liverpool)

Newcastle Universities Student Scout and Guide Group (5)

  • Beth Wyld (The Five Swans, Newcastle)
  • Harry James (The Five Swans, Newcastle)
  • Jack Burgess (The Five Swans, Newcastle)
  • Jack White (The Five Swans, Newcastle)
  • Tim Rodaway (The Five Swans, Newcastle)

Nottingham (7)

  • Andrew Faunt (The Company Inn, Nottingham)
  • Emma Chloe Davies (The Company Inn, Nottingham)
  • Emma Smith (The Company Inn, Nottingham)
  • Jack Deanus (The Company Inn, Nottingham)
  • Katie Finch (The Company Inn, Nottingham)
  • Nicholas Thompson (The Company Inn, Nottingham)
  • Stuart Pattullo (The Company Inn, Nottingham)

Plymouth University Guides and Scouts (14)

  • Ashley Fitzhugh (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Daniel Taylor (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Edward Alton (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Fiona Day (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Frances Milroy (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Joe Palmer (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Leah Birt (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Matt Mansfield (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Matt Mcauley (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Oliver Anderson-chapman (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Rachel Dawes (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Rachel Harrison (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Thomas Hold (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Thomas Wintrip (Mannamead, Plymouth)

Portsmouth SSAGO (9)

  • Alexander Lee-ranson (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Chloe Healy (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Ellissa Millard (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Greg Tucker (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Joshua Hagger (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Katie Webb (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Lewis Smith (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Oliver Pusey (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Thomas Orsbourne (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)

Southampton SSAGO (9)

  • Andrew Kernan (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Clare Fuller (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Jack Homans (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Jake Symcox (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Lucy Blatherwick (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Megan Hickling (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Megan Riddell (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Sam Morden (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Samir Doshi (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)

University of Bristol Guides and Scouts (1)

  • Owen Jones (V Shed, Bristol)

University of Sheffield (4)

  • Cameron Laight (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Daniel Barry (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Daniel Brockwell (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Sarah Chapman (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)

UWE Bristol (6)

  • Chelsea Bell (V Shed, Bristol)
  • Emily Goatman (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Helen Monnington (V Shed, Bristol)
  • Jacob French (V Shed, Bristol)
  • James Frith (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Matthew Bowden (V Shed, Bristol)




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