SSAGO goes to 'spoons

Suggested by UoE SSAGO, at 7pm on 9th March every SSAGO in the country is invited to head to their local Wetherspoons, open up the Wetherspoon app, and buy food and/or drinks rounds for other SSAGOers across the country, secret santa style!
Booking has closed for the Secret Santa, however still come along if you're free... sharing's caring!

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Who's involved in the secret santa?

There are 105 members currently booked on from 19 clubs.
The most recent person to book was Rhianna Lenham (Sheffield Hallam Students Union Guides & Scouts).

Aberystwyth Student Scout and Guide Organisation (8)

  • Alex Thumwood (Yr Hen Orsaf)
  • Amy Thomas (Yr Hen Orsaf)
  • Daphne Pacey (Yr Hen Orsaf)
  • Kerri Veal (Yr Hen Orsaf)
  • Laura Dixon (Yr Hen Orsaf)
  • Natalia Elliot (Yr Hen Orsaf)
  • Nathan Williams (Yr Hen Orsaf)
  • Philip Mottershead (Yr Hen Orsaf)

Birmingham (1)

  • Alex Moore (Another 'spoons not listed)

Essex SSAGO (8)

  • Adam Woodhouse (The Playhouse, Colchester)
  • Andrew Burton (The Playhouse, Colchester)
  • Angelica Walker (The Playhouse, Colchester)
  • Elizabeth Witt (The Playhouse, Colchester)
  • Joseph Lawton (The Playhouse, Colchester)
  • Nada Elbeshy (The Playhouse, Colchester)
  • Phoebe Magnone (The Playhouse, Colchester)
  • Timothy Rosson (The Playhouse, Colchester)

Glasgow SSAGO (6)

  • Alannah Fox (The Counting House, Glasgow)
  • Cecilia Rafters (The Counting House, Glasgow)
  • Lauren Whittaker (The Counting House, Glasgow)
  • Liam Brown (The Counting House, Glasgow)
  • Nicola Grieve (The Counting House, Glasgow)
  • Ruth Adamson (The Counting House, Glasgow)

Hull's Own Guides and Scouts (9)

  • Amy Rutter (The Three John Scotts, Hull)
  • Becky Hopkins (The Three John Scotts, Hull)
  • Ben Brooks (The Three John Scotts, Hull)
  • Fiona Baxter (The Three John Scotts, Hull)
  • Josh Hudson (The Three John Scotts, Hull)
  • Mike Rouse-deane (The Three John Scotts, Hull)
  • Paul Furnival (The Three John Scotts, Hull)
  • Rebecca Coy (The Three John Scotts, Hull)
  • Sarah Brignall (The Three John Scotts, Hull)

Indie (3)

  • Heather Grant (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Matthew Ives (The Three John Scotts, Hull)
  • Scott Chapman (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)

Keele SSAGO (6)

  • Charlotte Moseley (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)
  • Edward Shakespeare (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)
  • Georgina Westbrook (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)
  • Kerry Harding (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)
  • Maria Glover (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)
  • Reuben Cone (The Arnold Machin, Newcastle under Lyme)

Leicester (5)

  • Alec Coomber (Corn exchange, Leicester)
  • Elizabeth Powell (Corn exchange, Leicester)
  • Lauren Sabberton (Corn exchange, Leicester)
  • Samuel Bamford (Corn exchange, Leicester)
  • Scott Davies (Corn exchange, Leicester)

Liverpool University SSAGO (6)

  • Aisling Bridger (Richard John Blackler, Liverpool)
  • Alex Cleaver (Richard John Blackler, Liverpool)
  • Joe Barnes (Richard John Blackler, Liverpool)
  • Lizzie Whelehan (Richard John Blackler, Liverpool)
  • Louise O'neill (Richard John Blackler, Liverpool)
  • Rebecca Taylor (Richard John Blackler, Liverpool)

Newcastle Universities Student Scout and Guide Group (3)

  • Ben Whitty (The Five Swans, Newcastle)
  • Eleanor Grace Meakin (The Five Swans, Newcastle)
  • Tim Rodaway (The Five Swans, Newcastle)

Nottingham (10)

  • Abigail Smith (The Last Post, Beeston)
  • Bekah Dowd (The Last Post, Beeston)
  • Christopher Pattullo (The Last Post, Beeston)
  • Emma Chloe Davies (The Last Post, Beeston)
  • Francesca Wardzinski (The Last Post, Beeston)
  • Jack Deanus (The Last Post, Beeston)
  • Katie Finch (The Last Post, Beeston)
  • Mat Horton (The Last Post, Beeston)
  • Nicholas Thompson (The Last Post, Beeston)
  • Stuart Pattullo (The Last Post, Beeston)

Plymouth University Guides and Scouts (6)

  • Ashley Fitzhugh (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Daniel Taylor (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Jack Long (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Leigh Brooks (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Matt Mcauley (Mannamead, Plymouth)
  • Thomas Hold (Mannamead, Plymouth)

Portsmouth SSAGO (6)

  • Chloe Healy (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Ethan Rose (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Joshua Hagger (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Lewis Smith (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • Thomas Orsbourne (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)
  • William Rankin (Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth)

Sheffield Hallam Students Union Guides & Scouts (5)

  • Anona Mann (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Charlotte Head (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Paul Grimbly (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)
  • Rhianna Lenham (The Three John Scotts, Hull)
  • Sam English (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)

Solent SSAGO (2)

  • Russell Thorne (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Ryan Parry (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)

Southampton SSAGO (8)

  • Andrew Kernan (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Hannah Kaye (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Henry Hick (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Jake Symcox (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Liam Flavin (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Oliver Bills (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Sam Morden (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)
  • Samir Doshi (Giddy Bridge, Southampton)

University of Bristol Guides and Scouts (2)

  • Harry Bradbury (V Shed, Bristol)
  • Shona Allman (V Shed, Bristol)

University of Sheffield (1)

  • Daniel Barry (The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield)

UWE Bristol (10)

  • Beatrice Phanjoo (V Shed, Bristol)
  • Chelsea Bell (V Shed, Bristol)
  • Elizabeth Hickson (V Shed, Bristol)
  • Emily Goatman (V Shed, Bristol)
  • Emma Phillips-stafford (V Shed, Bristol)
  • Jacob French (V Shed, Bristol)
  • James Frith (V Shed, Bristol)
  • Matthew Bowden (V Shed, Bristol)
  • Megan Peeks (V Shed, Bristol)
  • Will Stratford (V Shed, Bristol)




If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact